Walton Plus Orthopaedic Posture Office Chair

This chair is designed to provide ultimate support for the posture with a high level of adjust-ability to make it suitable for different users as well as different tasks for the same user. This chair is designed for 24 hour use and is very stable with a five-pronged base and smooth running castors, allowing it to move across the office floor safely and easily.

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The chair comes with an adjustable seat base. There is a SEAT SLIDE forward / backward adjustment and rounded contoured cushions. This helps to:

  • promote the circulation in the lower limbs
  • allow users of different heights to use the same chair
  • increase the comfort and versatility of the chair

There is a curved lumbar cushion and lateral contouring of the seat back with height adjustability helping to

  • make it suitable for people of different heights
  • alleviate the strain on the lower back
  • help people with existing lower back problems
  • help to prevent users developing lower back problems
  • help users with and prevent upper back and shoulder problems

There is an adjustable head rest helping to

  • prevent neck problems
  • allow the musculature of the neck and shoulders to relax
  • keep the head in a position that enables the user to continue tasks
  • relieve pressure on the forearms

The chair comes with arm rests as standard with adjustable height and width and that can be pivoted helping to

  • find the best working position of the arms
  • reduce the repetitive stress on the arms that makes the muscles of the arm contract
  • reduce the fatigue in the shoulders when properly positioned
  • help to support the arms more efficiently
  • reduce the incidence of injuries such as carpal tunnel or tennis elbow
  • relieve pressure on the forearms

The chair has a full tilting mechanism; the back moves in relation to the seat but the two move through different degrees as the user leans back with four locking positions helping to

  • increase the circulation of blood through the musculature of the spine, buttocks and legs
  • allow users to effectively move while still at their desk
  • adopt different sitting positions depending on the task
  • keep the body in the correct position more of the time
  • relieve spinal stress and user fatigue


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